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MySQL :: MySQL 5.5 Reference Manual :: Audit Log ...
    The MySQL server calls the audit log plugin to write an audit record to its log file whenever an auditable event occurs. Typically the first audit record written after plugin startup contains the server description and startup options.

MySQL :: MySQL 5.7 Reference Manual :: Audit Log ...
    MySQL Enterprise Audit uses tables in the mysql system database for persistent storage of filter and user account data. The tables can be accessed only by users with privileges for that database. The tables use the InnoDB storage engine (MyISAM prior to MySQL 5.7.21). If these tables are missing, the audit_log plugin operates in legacy mode.

MySQL :: MySQL 5.5 Reference Manual :: Audit Log ...
    The audit log file has the potential to grow very large and consume a lot of disk space. To enable management of the space used by its log files, the audit log plugin provides the audit_log_rotate_on_size and audit_log_flush system variables, which control audit log file rotation and flushing. Rotation can be done manually, or automatically based on file size.

Audit logs for Azure Database for MySQL Microsoft Docs
    Audit Logs in Azure Database for MySQL. 06/26/2019; 3 minutes to read; In this article. In Azure Database for MySQL, the audit log is available to users. The audit log can be used to track database-level activity and is commonly used for compliance.

audit-log-logging-control - MySQL :: Developer Zone
    MySQL Backup and Recovery MySQL Globalization MySQL Information Schema MySQL Installation Guide MySQL and Linux/Unix MySQL and OS X MySQL Partitioning MySQL Performance Schema MySQL Replication Using the MySQL Yum Repository MySQL Restrictions and Limitations Security in MySQL MySQL and Solaris Building MySQL from Source Starting and Stopping ...

MySQL :: MySQL 5.7 Reference Manual :: Audit Log ...
    Audit log file compression is available as of MySQL 5.7.21. Compression can be enabled for any log format. To configure audit log file compression, set the audit_log_compression system variable at server startup. Permitted values are NONE (no compression; the default) and GZIP (GNU Zip compression).

6.4.2 MySQL Enterprise Audit - MySQL :: Developer Zone
    As of MySQL 5.5.28, MySQL Enterprise Edition includes MySQL Enterprise Audit, implemented using a server plugin named audit_log.MySQL Enterprise Audit uses the open MySQL Audit API to enable standard, policy-based monitoring and logging of connection and query activity executed on …

Configure and access audit logs - Azure Database for MySQL
    Update the audit_log_enabled parameter to ON. Select the event types to be logged by updating the audit_log_events parameter. Add any MySQL users to be excluded from logging by updating the audit_log_exclude_users parameter. Specify users by providing their MySQL user name. Once you have changed the parameters, you can click Save.

Audit Log Plugin - Percona
    Audit Log Plugin¶ Percona Audit Log Plugin provides monitoring and logging of connection and query activity that were performed on specific server. Information about the activity will be stored in the XML log file where each event will have its NAME field, its own unique RECORD_ID field and a TIMESTAMP field.

MySQL :: MySQL Enterprise Audit
    MySQL Enterprise Audit gives DBAs the tools they need to add auditing compliance to their new and existing applications by enabling them to: New! User Defined Custom Audit Log Events - Now you can add custom events to the MySQL Audit Log, providing added information related to SQL calls. For example, tracking numbers, help desk ticket ...

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