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Aurora Solar: The Leading Solar Design and Proposal Software
    Aurora has mastered the solar design tool, especially since counties are accepting their shade reports. Without Aurora we wouldn’t be able to educate the customers and show them how the panels would look. Aurora is a huge key to our success in continuously growing our sales every single month.

Customers - Aurora Solar
    Aurora's solar design software serves some of the fastest growing solar installation and development companies around the world. See what some of our happy customers have to say about us.

ABB Aurora Vision®
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ABB Web Portal
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Aurora Solar Help Center
    Customizable Proposals, convince your client to switch to go solar. Financing Integrations. Documentation. In-depth explanations of all of Aurora's features. Popular Topics. Live Weekly Group Trainings Reserve your seat for Aurora's interactive weekly trainings. Getting Started Your …

About Us · Aurora Solar
    Talking to other solar installers, they found that soft-costs were impeding the growth of the industry. Based on these experiences, they founded Aurora with the goal of enabling any solar professional to design and sell an optimal solar project in minutes. To date, Aurora has been used to design over 1,800,000 solar installations.

How does solar energy work Aurora Energy
    Solar panels. Installers will put solar panels on the side of your roof that gets the most sun, so you can create as much DC power as possible. (NB: DC means direct current and you can’t use this without changing it to AC, or alternating current.) Inverter. An inverter is used to change DC into the 240V AC electricity that’s used by your ...

Solar In Aurora Aurora, IL
    Solar In Aurora This is a Solar Landing Page with information on Aurora’s solar permit requirements and other solar resources. In February 2018, the City of Aurora will be awarded Gold-level designation under the SolSmart program. Funded by the U.S. Department of Energy's SunShot Initiative, ...

Aurora Vision Plant Management Platform - Monitoring and ...
    Aurora Vision® Plant Management Platform helps installers with easy integration and lets home owners get a real time view of how much energy has been harvested. Aurora Vision® Plant Management Platform is the next generation of PV plant monitoring and management.

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